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Ship Chem EU covers quantity calculations for ship's and shore side using the base densities and DCF (the Density Correction Factor per 1°C) for the most of chemicals, VCF (CTL) using Table 54B of ASTM D1250-2004 re-approved in 2008 and then in 2013 and for xylenes using VCF based on ASTM D1555M.

Shore calculations can be done either on basis of shore tank measurements or on basis of meter readings

The program Ship Chem EU which calculates in Metric units has the following list of cargo operations as shown on the picture below:


You can select in Ship Chem EU for each of 5 grades of products the way of calculations either by shore tank measurements or by meters by clicking on "Product List" menu.
You will see the following userform on your screen:

For shore calculations You can also select the name of the product from the drop-down list on the userform.
You can also select either to calculate on basis of the Table 54B of ASTM D1250-2004 which was re-approved in 2008 and then in 2013 or by means of several databases of base densities and density correction factors per 1°C (DCF), or for xylenes by means of ASTM D1555M". All selected data will be transferred into appropriate cells.

For ship's calculations When you select one of the cells related to the quantity calculations: either the base density, base temperature or correction per 1°C, you will see on your screen the popup menu:

If you click on the popup menu, you will see the following userform. Now you can select desired databse to transfer the selected data into the cells which allows the program to calculate an actual density.

For your convenience in Ship Chem EU you can use a built-in interpolation calculator of volumes in Metric units allowing to take into account simultaneously product level (ullage or innage) and the trim or list correction:

In Ship Chem EU you can also use a built-in calculator of small volumes on basis of the wedge formula:

As you can see, Ship Chem EU has a lot of useful features designed to automate and facilitates Chemicals Calculations.
We only showed some of useful capabilities available in our chemicals calculation programs.

You can find more detailed descriptions and the price of each program, if you visit our other website www.surveycalc.com/ShipChemEU.html.

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