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January 26, 2016

Oil and LPG cargo quantity calculation software based on the latest ASTM and API standards.

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For all specialists who need to calculate quantities of crude oil, oil products and LPG on board sea-going tankers, barges or in shore tanks I strongly recommend to visit the following websites: and

These websites offer different computer programs based on the latest ASTM and API standards.

Oil quantity calculations

For example, for oil cargos quantity calculations are based on Tables 53 and 54A, B and D used for Metric units or on basis of Tables 5 and 6A, B and D used for US customary units, such as US barrels and API.

You can select the standard of oil quantity calculations: all calculations can be carried out either on basis of ASTM D 1250-1980 or on basis of ASTM D 1250-2004 reapproved in 2008 and then in 2013 and on basis of API MPMS Chapter 11.5. issued in 2009 and re-approved in 2013. For ship’s calculations these computer programs have a built-in interpolation calculator including an inter-
polation for ullages or innages in Metric and US customary units.

A built-in interpolator for ullages and innages in Metric units

A built-in interpolator for ullages and innages in US customary units

For shore calculations there are several versions allowing to use built-in shore tank calibration tables.

Ship’s and shore calculations allow to calculate separately quantities of up to 5 different grades of cargos in one report, i.e. you will see in your Ullage Report the grade of cargos and quantities in each ship's tank, subtotals will be shown at the bottom for every grade of cargo as well. In other words you need not to fill in five Ullage Reports for 5 grades of cargos. Everything will be shown in one Ullage report!!!

Ullage report with a separate calculation of different grades of cargos

LPG quantity calculations

For LPG cargos quality calculations for Metric units are based on Tables 53, 54 based on ASTM D 1250-1952 or by Tables 53E, 54E based on API MPMS Chapter 11.2.4.E dated 2007. For LPG calculations for US customary units the computer program Ship LPG US offers even bigger choice of standards and options. Shore tank calculations in some versions include built-in calibration tables and ship’s calculations also include a built-in interpolation calculator. Both shore and ship’s calculations have a built-in calculator to calculate on basis of hydrocarbon composition of LPG densities at 15°C of liquid phase and molar masses required for calculations of vapour phase.

Molar and density calculator based on GC composition of LPG

Ship’s and shore calculations can be done and shown separately quantities of up to 3 different grades of cargos in one report.

There are a lot of other useful features allowing to automate quantity calculations of oil and LPG cargos, for example, a possibility to send emails with automatically created messages with automatically named and attached files containing reports.


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