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20-year work experience in cargo inspection business and 16-year programming experience gave a unique combination to materialize the all positive experience to automate everyday's routine work of professional cargo surveyors, chemists, cargo operators or ship's cargo officers and any other potential customers to carry out sophisticated calculations and produce quantity and quality reports for Oil, LPG, LNG and Chemicals.

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Our software covers ship and shore quantity calculations for Oil, LPG, LNG, Chemicals, Oil Blending, Bunker Survey and even Draft Survey.

This website describes our most popular programs, but you can find descriptions of all our software, if you visit our other websites: www.surveycalc.com and www.oilcalc.com

You can find the list of all available programs and their prices, if you visit our other website www.surveycalc.com/allproducts.html.

" Artificial intelligence is here and being rapidly commercialized, with new applications being created not just for manufacturing but also for energy, healthcare, and oil and gas. This will change how we all do business. "

Joe Kaeser

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